Winter Weekend

On the 9-10 of Febuary all of the Inbounds, Rebounds and Rotex members on the West side of Switzerland met at Arth-Goldau train station. From there we went ice skating for a few hours and afterwards we caught the train up the mountain to this cute little town where we stayed the night.

After dinner we presented our desserts that were supposed to be a speaciality from our home country. There was about 60 of us from all over the world so you can just imagine how many unique and delicious desserts there were. All of the all real ‘Aussie desserts’ were already taken so I decided to make honey crackles which my Nanna and I use to always make when I was younger. We played board games, table soccer and cards all evening, it was so much fun.

The next day we caught the train up Mt Rigi where we spent the day sledding. I went doubles with one of the Rebounds thinking, your from Switzerland so you should be able to sled really well. I was proven completely wrong because you would not believe how many times we crashed! Despite the multiple bruises which lasted over a week, it was an absolutely amazing weekend spent with amazing people that I’ll never forget!

till next time,

Isabelle xxx

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