The Adventure Has Begun

My massive, exciting and full on adventure in Switzerland started on the 20th of January 2019 when I arrived in Zurich Airport! I have spent exactly one month and 14 days in this beautiful country and I have loved every second of it!

I was greeted at the Airport my host family with a massive sign saying welcome Izzy in the four national languages, my host sister was ringing cowbells and I just couldn’t believe that after all of the preparation and effort that everyone put in, I was actually in Switzerland. Amongst all of the excitement and nerves you could definitely tell I was extremely tired after the 26 hour journey because I left my suitcase at baggage area, I had realised after I had met my family so security escorted me back into the airport to retrieve my suitcase (What a great first impression!!). We then travelled back home to where my host mum made a delicious trational meal which is a specialty of Kanton Luzern and then it was straight back to repacking my bag.

The day after I arrived, myself and 21 other Exchange Students set off to Fiesch where we were to attend a two week German Language Camp. It was an amazing way to start of the adventure where we were able to create friendships, improve our German and get to know how life works in Switzerland. I found that the camp really helped the transition from living at home to here. We had 60 lessons of German and amongst all of that we had the opportunity to try cross country skiing, wandering around the village to see what Fiesch had to offer, hiking, snowshoeing and going to the top of the Eggishorn where we had a view of the glazier and the surrounding mountains.

Isabelle xxx


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Christine Owen

Yes, what a great first impression! But I am sure it has been all uphill from there and that they now know and love you just as we do! So good to know you are really settling in and enjoying the beautiful scenery and environment that Switzerland has to offer. Take care, ski well and enjoy every opportunity that comes your way! Keep the blogs coming!
Christine xxx


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